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Good morning! (well, to the 92% of you open this email before 12pm ;)

"Champion email; value add. Cheers"
"Can I just say that I *love* your weekly email? That Clay Christensen article in particular this week was ace.

Last week's email got some excellent feedback,as you can see above. In fact, someone came up to me at my friend Juliet Rosenfeld's book launch last Thursday (it's an amazing book on grief, check it out) and said they loved it but did I really write it myself? The answer is yes, and it's one of my favourite times of the week. I get to immerse myself in everything new that's been written and choose the best bits. It keeps me up to date and hopefully does the same for you. If you do enjoy it I would like to ask a favour. Hit the forward button and think of 2 or 3 people who might enjoy it to and send it on to them. Thanks! I'm determined to get to 10,000 sign ups by Christmas (currently at 9022) and you just helped!


As usual, I have pulled out the best content for business and HR leaders that I’ve spotted in the last week:

Before that, though, here's a good briefing for HR leaders for you to download on the Coronavirus. Required reading.

1. Are you listening? No I mean really listening? This NY piece by the author of a new book making waves in the business psychology world looks at this most important of skills. There's lots of practical advice among the fascinating research and stories. If you want more, there's more succinct advice in this Inc. article which was also published last week. How would you rate your listening skills 1-10? Now go and ask 3 people you work with what they think?

2. Eliminate the negative? This blogpost from Dropbox (yes, they do a blog!) is a great explanation of negative bias, an affliction all humans carry from pre-historic times. Essentially we are more scared of negative things than excited about positive things. How might this be playing out in your life? How might it be playing out in your business?

3. What do people really think about women in the workplace? This Atlantic article is a challenging take on gender inequality looking at some studies that show that traditional feelings about male and female roles are still often present in today's world. It's sober, thought provoking reading. What are your own thoughts, if you have a partner, what are theirs?

4. How to nail your next interview This short, snappy but very insightful Linkedin post sets out the 4 things you should do before an interview (although I think they largely apply to any moment when you are meeting someone new). Its from the CEO of the headhunters Korn Ferry, who, frankly, should know a thing or two about interviewing! Did you do all this last time you met someone who could be a new boss or new business contact?

5. How spirituality could improve your performance This interesting piece is by a psychologist who works a lot with bankers. He discusses the possibility that some spiritual awareness and practice can help enhance performance. I addressed the issue of spirituality in my own book "Create Space", and you can read a short excerpt of what I wrote here (or buy the whole book, of course!). Does spirituality have a role in your life? How could it help you be more successful at work. If not, why not think about it?

6. Drop the deck This examination of what happens to students' brains when teachers use PowerPoint (complete with an excellent little video) is totally relevant to any of us who reach for PPT when about to present a meeting. As well as showing how your slides may be doing more harm than good, it also makes recommendations for PPT if you feel you have to use it. How interesting were your last set of slides? Would this approach be better for your next?

7. Take a hike Two articles in one week extolling the power of walking to relax and refresh you, while also clearing your mind and helping you to think better. This first, from the Guardian, is an interview with the neuroscientist author of the new book "In Praise of Walking" which looks at the science behind the stroll while this blogpost is a more literary take. When did you last take a good, long walk, or even a 10 minute stroll? Why not stop reading this now, head outdoors and return refreshed?

Lastly, a blast from the past This 2014 piece from Psychology Today looks at the reasons why, sometimes, confrontation is good, and outlines the best way of handling it when it comes. Is there anyone you need to confront about something right now? If so, have a you got a plan on how best to do it?

I hope you find some of this content worth reading. See you again soon!

I send out an email like this every week (except when I’m really snowed under!). Do forward it to anyone you think would like to sign up via my personal website, feel free to join me on Linkedin, check out my book “Create Space” and do consider CDP for any assessment, coaching or team needs you may have.



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