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Did you work last weekend? Are you planning to this weekend? I have to say I never do. I think (as I wrote in "Create Space") that we need proper time off in order to recharge and refresh. I'm an extreme example but if you find yourself working on Saturdays and Sundays too much I would take a long, hard look at your prioritisations and your productivity. This FT magazine piece looks at the growing phenomenon of weekend working, across all sectors and roles. Have a read and then reflect on your weekend working. Is it too much? How does it make you feel? What's the opportunity cost?


As usual, I have pulled out the best content for business and HR leaders that I’ve spotted in the last week:

1. Does your boss like you? - this great piece from one of the big headhunters looks at the 4 signals that your boss isn't happy with you. It then, usefully, outlines how to get back on track. One fascinating but shameful nugget is that 21% of bosses never give feedback (and 44% find it very stressful). At CDP we have a primer on how to give feedback, if you'd like a copy just ask by replying to this email.

2. Habits vs routines - this article from Pocket (check it out if you haven't heard of it) looks at the differences between a habit and a routine and sets out in a very practical way how you can foster some routines to improve your life. What new or better routines could you build that would improve your life?

3. Relatedly, what should L&D professionals know about the psychology of motivation? - this great slide deck looks at what motivates people and why. Which of these approaches do you use? Which is most prevalent in your business?

4. What benefits should you be offering? - this excellent overview from the Korn Ferry Insitutute looks at best practice regarding the provision of benefits and perks to employees and how that has changed over the years and is going to change in the future. Have you got the benefit mix right? What changes could you make for the better?

5. Leave sports to men? - this week's intervention from the Chartered Management Institute created a furore as their head went on the Today programme to say that sports banter should be disencouraged because it excludes women. My 13 year old netball and soccer mad 13 year old daughter summed up many people's reaction with a sneer and a shrug "everyday sexism", she opined. What do you think? Does the CMI deserve a red card?

6. Dealing with conflict at work - this is the CIPD doing what it does best, providing a clear, practical guide to an issue that all managers at some point - how to deal with negative conflict (I like the fact that it makes clear that some conflict is healthy - a point I make in one of the case studies in "Create Space", where a marketing team is failing because it is too nice (email me if you'd like a copy.

7. If you go down to the woods today - this fascinating article looks at the need humans have for nature, solitude and what the expert quoted calls re-enchantment and how you might achieve this. It's a radical solution but I think we could explore less radical ones that might help achieve the same purpose. When did you last lose yourself in nature - and/or just "lose yourself"?

Lastly, a blast from the past - one of the all time great management thinkers died last week so this is a good opportunity to remember him by reading one of his most seminal works: Clay Christensen on How Will You Measure Your Life. This is the moving tribute to him by the editor of the HBR. RIP.

I hope you find some of this content worth reading. See you again soon!

I send out an email like this every week (except when I’m really snowed under!). Do forward it to anyone you think would like to sign up via my personal website, feel free to join me on Linkedin, check out my book “Create Space” and do consider CDP for any assessment, coaching or team needs you may have.



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