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I know. It's been a long time since you received an email from me. Like most of you, I get too many emails so I promise to be respectful of your time and inbox and only email you when I have something of interest. 

Most of my customers are Christian or conservative. More and more have been asking what to do about the big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, and a long list of others who are aggressively silencing conservatives. One of those companies has been MailChimp (take a look). We have used MailChimp for our mailing list services in the past and have recommended them to others.  After researching half a dozen services, we have now switched to ZOHO campaigns.  The best part: They don't charge for lists smaller than 2000 addresses.  I won't go into a full review here, but you are welcome to email or call me if you want to know more. 

I've also left Facebook and Twitter entirely for Telegram and Gab. 

I understand that your business model may not allow you to do that immediately. Be patient. It's very hard to move people over to a new platform because we're all a little burned out with the variety of choices.  I recommending building on these alternative platforms where and when you can. Especially if you post conservative or Biblical content. As many of you have suspected, Facebook is already limiting such content. Here's my list:

Facebook --> or
Twitter -->
YouTube -->, or
Google Search -->
Gmail -->
Chrome Browser -->
What's App -->
Imessage -->
Mailchimp --> 

I hope that helps.  Please chat with us on our Telegram Channel and let me know your thoughts or if you have other suggestions.  I've put links to my personal telegram and gab accounts below.  I hope to see you there! 


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