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West Virginia-Western Maryland

Synod Assembly 2021


Arriving at Synod Assembly

Greetings, Guest

Here are your last minute announcements...

We're inside :(

We had hoped for a nice fall day, but, instead, we are told that a rain system will come through the region tonight, dropping the temperatures from the current 80°F to an expected high of 66°F. Well, that's not all that bad, but we had to make the call on inside vs. outside when it looked a little more dire. So, inside it is for business, and here is what you need to know:

  • While inside, masks are required.
  • We've spaced the chairs and tables out as far as we can.
  • Seating is set up in twos, assuming that many people car-pooled. Feel free to move chairs in threes and fours if you all came together.
  • Registration is outside (under the pavilion) as is coffee, exhibits and social areas. You may want to dress to enjoy those areas during breaks (or any time you want to get some fresh air).
  • Because the counting of votes will take place over lunch, the assembly chamber (inside) will have to be vacated over lunch for the tellers to do their work. IOW, if you are staying on-site over the lunch, you'll be sitting outside (unless you talk to Chap. Setley (chair of the Elections Committee) and volunteer to count votes).

Registering your attendance

Prior to entering the assembly chamber, you will need to register your attendance at the registration desk. The registration desk will be in the pavilion. If there is a late registrant coming with you or an alternate coming in your place or someone else's, go to the Synod Assembly page and read the instructions.

Registration opens at 9:00 a.m.. It will temporarily close at 10:50 a.m.. IMPORTANT: Those wishing to vote in the first ballot for bishop need to be registered by 10:50 a.m..

Assembly Agenda, Reports, etc..

The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports has just about everything you need (and then some). If you have already downloaded (or reviewed) it, you will want to check out the addenda subsection for any additions since you last looked. More information about The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports, including tips on use, can be found on the Synod Assembly page. We do encourage that you download what you want to your mobile device or print it as internet can always be twitchy.

About seating

You're probably thinking, "Just how hard can it be to sit?" Remember, we are inside with some pandemical mitigations and also some heavy duty election work. The "bar of the assembly" is a line in the assembly chamber between the voting members area and the visitors area. Voting members must sit before the bar of the assembly. In the past, we've been lax about it, but we can't be this year as there is a very small visitors gallery. So, if you are a voting member, don't give an usher a hard time when he/she directs you to the voting members area before the bar of the assembly. Visitors, you must sit behind the bar of the assembly as a way of knowing who can vote and who cannot.

You'll see that the chairs are arranged in pods of two. You can move around some, but be mindful of our attempt to maintain social distance. Folks who rode together are encouraged to sit together. If there were four of you in the car, feel free to rearrange the chairs into a pod of four. Our layout is such that there are not a lot of spare spots.

If you have difficulty hearing, sit up front. Unlike Spinal Taps amplifiers, ours only goes up to 10.


Elections can be complicated affairs, the election of a bishop being the worst. So you know what's going on before you get there, an addenda to The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports has been added under the heading, Rules and Procedures (Bishop Election). Feel free to review.

If you are still not sure how to get to Mylan Park...

Directions and a link to google maps can be found on the Assembly Venue Information page of The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports.

If you enter Mylan Park at the main entrance, just keep bearing to the left at each of the forks in the road after you enter, and the road will eventually take you around to the Mon County 4-H Center (at the bottom of the hill).

If you go past the main entrance, enter at the next rather non-descript road just before the school bus pen. This will take you in a short distance to the Mon County 4-H Center at the bottom of the hill.


If you have not reviewed the notice regarding COVID mitigation practices at the Synod Assembly, please visit the Synod Assembly page.

Registration opens at 9:00 a.m.. Registration will temporarily close at 10:50 a.m.. Those wishing to vote in the first ballot for bishop need to be registered before 10:50 a.m..

If you would like to receive text message (SMS) notices when new Synod Assembly information is published, text "SA [insert your name]" to 304-363-4030.

If you have any questions, please contact either the Registrar ( or the Bishop ( or call/text the Synod Office (304-363-4030).


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