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West Virginia-Western Maryland

Synod Assembly 2021



Greetings, Guest

First off, a huge thanks to all of you who could attend Synod Assembly 2021. It is not lost on me or the Synod Council that the assembly was at an odd time of year and held under pandemical mitigations.

Thank you also for enduring some less then pleasant environmental conditions. Had the storm held off just one day, we would have been under the pavilion roof in the mid-70s.

Personal Note

I pray I am worthy of the confidence that you have placed in me for the next six years.

I slept for more than six hours for the first time in two weeks and then had a two-hour mid-afternoon nap on Sunday. Although I did a little correspondence and a business call yesterday, I consider today the first day back at it.

Mop Up

Now comes the mop up.

Over the next few days, I'll be posting the synopsis of the assembly (actually, you will be getting that under a separate email today), notifying all those who ran for office through the nominating committee of the election results, filing forms with Churchwide, updating the bylaws, messing with the proceedings, and, yes, you guessed it, starting work on Synod Assembly 2022.

This email list, therefore, will remain active for probably another month until most of the mop up is complete.

Synod website will probably not be updated today.


If you would like to receive text message (SMS) notices when new Synod Assembly information is published, text "SA [insert your name]" to 304-363-4030.

If you have any questions, please contact either the Registrar ( or the Bishop ( or call/text the Synod Office (304-363-4030).


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